Mountain Lion, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat & Moose

The Hunt

western sky outfitters is permitted to guide in the best mountain lion, sheep and goat hunting areas in the San Juan Mountains.  Our hunts are 1x1 guided and are all pre-scouted before the season.  We pack into camp on horse back and base out of a backpack style camp.  Camp is designed to be mobile and a good backpack is required.  All food is provided and is basic backpacker meals. You will hunt out of camp with your guide on foot and days will be spent covering ground and glassing mountain slopes for trophy animals. Good optics, footwear, and top physical condition are a must.    These are 7 day hunts, 5 full days hunting, 2 days of travel.


Our bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts take place on the San Juan National forest within the Weminuche Wilderness Area, in Colorado Game Management Unit S71, S28, and G5.  This is the most rugged and remote country in the state and elevations range from 10,000-14,000ft.  Our lion hunts take place over much of southwestern colorado on both USFS and BLM lands. We have access to over 2000 sq miles of prime hunting territory.

Dates and Prices

  • Mountain Goat -   Archery, early Sept - Oct 31          Rifle, mid Sept- Oct 31
  • Bighorn Sheep (residents only) -    Archery, late Aug - early Oct      Rifle, early Sept -early Oct  
  • Moose - Archery, September   Rifle,  Early October 
  • Price $6000/hunter 1x1 guided 4 day hunt or 7 day hunt for $8500/hunter
  • mountain lion - December through march, 5 day hunt $6500 pp

Draw Information

Sheep and Goat hunts in Colorado require a minimum of 3 points to be eligible to draw a tag. Once you have 3 points you have a chance at drawing a tag and each year you don't draw will give you a weighted preference point.   hunters have drawn these hunts with 4 points and others have applied for ten years and still haven't drawn a tag.   If you have the points its worth a try we will be out there keeping an eye on the high country for you!  If you want help applying for the Colorado draw please contact us and we will help you through the process. Mountain lion Tags are available  OTC.