Frequently Asked Questions

  • WHats your booking policy? ​​All hunts are considered booked upon receiving a signed contract and %50 deposit of hunt cost. Remaining balance is due upon arrival if paying cash or 60 days before arrival if paying with check. If hunt is based 100% of drawing a tag, a $1000 deposit will be needed to hold the spot, your hunt will be rolled to the next year if your unsuccessful. If your successful the remaining balance to equal %50 of hunt cost is due immediately.
  • WHATS YOUR Cancellation Policy? Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another client or group with outfitters approval. Deposits  can be rolled over to the next year with outfitters approval but not guaranteed.  
  • WHATS YOUR Wound policy? ​​Wounding Policy -- If a client wounds an animal, by drawing blood or not, and the wound is felt by the guide or outfitter to be fatal or possibly fatal then the clients hunt is over, unless the outfitter feels like the situation warrants another opportunity.  
  • Where is Western Sky Outfitters Located? Western Sky Outfitters is based in Southwest, Colorado.  Our private land hunts are based on our ranch in Ignacio, Colorado. Our wilderness hunts and summer trips take place in the San Juan Mountains north of Durango, Colorado. Our Eastern Plains hunts are based east of Denver, out of Limon, Colorado. 
  • What unit do you hunt in?
    Wilderness GMU 74 & 75, Private Land 75, 751 and units 105/106 in Eastern, Colorado.
  • Do I need to apply for a tag?
    Archery, Muzzleloader, First Rifle, Fourth Rifle and all Mule Deer, Cow, an Eastern Plains hunts require you to apply for a tag. The application deadline is typically the first Tuesday of April. Once you are booked with WSO we will assist you in the application process. Most of our tags do not currently require preference points to draw.
  • Do I need a hunter safety card?
    If you were born after 01/01/1949 you are required by CO state law to possess a hunter safety card in order to obtain a CO hunting license. There are different testing options for military and certain age ranges. Please visit CPW's site for further information. 
  • Do I need blaze orange?
    500 square inches of blaze orange is required as Colorado State law including a hat in combination with a vest or a jacket.
  • What kind of boots should I bring?
    You should bring a well broken in waterproof, mountain hiking boot.  Kenetrek, Scarpa, Lowa, and Meindle all make quality boots.
  • Should I bring binoculars, spotting scope, range finder or shooting sticks?
    Binoculars are encouraged as they increase your participation with your hunt.  It is a good idea to bring shooting sticks you are used to using.   As for spotting scopes and range finders, your guide will provide these for your hunt.  They add weight to your pack that you may not wish you had.
  • What kind of weather should I expect?
    We’ve seen it snow in every month of the year here in Colorado so this is a tricky question.  We recommend checking the weather prior to your departure.  We all dress in layers in order to shed them as the day warms up and reverse the trend of an evening.  Temperatures in the mornings are likely to be in the 30’s as our season begins and may drop significantly lower as the fall progresses.  We typically receive a snow in mid September.  A good, lightweight rain gear that is quiet works good as that extra layer and comes in handy often times in the mountains.
  • Do I need a backpack?
    Packs are great for several reasons.  First, it gives you storage for extra ammo, snacks, water and clothes that you may be shedding or are going to need.  Finding the right pack is the tricky part.  There is a fine balance between having a light weight pack and enough room for all the gear.
  • Should I bring any food or snacks?
    Meals are provided with your trip. Typically, we’ll have a large breakfast, take a packable lunch, and a nice meal after the evening hunt. Snacks will be provided but if you have a favorite energy snack make sure and bring them. We burn plenty of calories during the day.
  • Do I need a sleeping bag?
    Yes, a sleeping bag rated for zero degrees F is required for any wilderness hunt.  One is not necessary for our private land hunts. 
  • Are there Toilet facilities?
    There is a latrine set up in wilderness camps. Private Land and Eastern Plains hunts are all based out of hotel or cabin style accommodations.
  • What caliber of rifle do you recommend?
    It’s not necessarily the caliber of the rifle, but the placement of the bullet.  If you’re looking for our recommendation, run with a .30 caliber such as a 300 WSM.  Know your ballistics, know you range and practice before you arrive in camp.
  • How far of a shot will I have to make?
    As you know, every hunting scenario is different.  Be prepared and practice shooting 200 – 400 yards.  It’s big country and the ability to shoot over 150 yards comfortably will open up opportunities.
  • What is there to do after Hunting?
    Pagosa Hot Springs, Mesa Verde, Silverton, Durango/Silverton railway, and wonderful shopping and dining in Durango, Pagosa Springs and surrounding areas.
  • What are some Transportation options?
    Durango Transport, Uber, and hotels that offer shuttle services,: Sky Ute Casino, Holiday Inn, Double Tree
  • What gear do we need to bring?
    Please see our "What to bring " page.
  • What gear is provided with a drop camp?
    A drop camp comes fully set up with: Tents, cots, sleeping pads, tables, chairs, lanterns, cook stove and heat source, water filter, all pots/pans, plates, bowls, cups, silverware/utensils, latrine, firewood, axe, shovel, bucket, and water containers.  You just need to bring food, sleeping bags, and your personal gear.
  • How physically demanding are your hunts?
    Our wilderness hunts can be some of the most challenging and physically demanding hunts anywhere.  We can accommodate most anyone but the more fit you are, the more country you can cover, so the more chances at an opportunity you will have.  Both our private land and eastern plains hunts are not very physically demanding and we can accommodate anyone on these hunts, including disabled hunters. 
  • How much do I tip my guide and camp staff?
    Your guide should work hard to give you an honest chance at a successful hunt, and if he does it is standard to leave a tip. The standard tip is typically 10-15% of the hunt cost.  Around 75% of this should go to the guide with the rest being split between the cook and packers who were involved with your hunt.
  • Do you provide airport Pickup?
    Yes pickup can be arranged from La Plata County airport near Durango, Colorado for a small fee.  If you are going to be staying in Durango the night of you arrival we recommend you stay in one of the hotels with an airport shuttle such as the Holiday Inn.