Fall Drop Camp and Pack service


Drop Camps

Book a drop camp with Western Sky Outfitters and you will be hunting in the same remote areas we guide in. Drop Camps are designed for the hunter who cannot afford a guided hunt or would prefer to guide themselves.  We also give you the option to pack into camp after the first day of season, this gives you the opportunity to use the horses on your first day of hunting and gives you a day with an additional guide to get your hunt started on the right foot.  All drop camps are based out of canvas wall tents with wood stoves, cots, tables, chairs, and all cooking equipment.  You will be packed in on horse back to your camp location, dropped off, and a packer will return to you camp to pack out any game.  Your group will have the area to yourselves, we do not mix groups on our drop camps.  You are responsible for your own food and cooking.  You hunt right out of your camp each day for elk, deer, and black bear.  If you are successful you are responsible for skinning, quartering, and caring for all game meat as well as packing the meat and horns to the nearest trail that can be accessed by horses.  This is a 7 day hunt, 2 days travel and 5 full days hunting.   we have a strict 225lb weight limit for all horseback hunts.


Our Drop Camp hunts take place on the San Juan National forest in Colorado Game Management Units 74, 75 and 751.  We have one of the largest and most diverse permit areas in the state.  We have many reserved camp locations and most of them are between 4-10 miles in by horseback from the trailhead.  Elevations range from 8500ft to 12500ft.  We hunt everything from lower ponderosa pine and scrub oak country all the way up to sub-alpine meadows.  Where you hunt depends on the season, because of the size of our area we are able to move our camps and follow the migration pattern of the game.  Most areas we hunt can be accessed by horseback and then hunted on foot, being in good physical condition will greatly increase your enjoyment and success on this hunt. 

Included at camp

  • Tents with floors, Latrine set up, heat source, Firewood-ready to split, cooking stove, pots and pans, utensils, plates, cups. bowls, tables, chairs, cots, lantern, water filter or purification tablets, ax, saw, shovel

What you'll need

  • be in shape, sleeping bag, food, cooking oil, condiments and spices, dish washing supplies, paper towel, toilet paper, small green propane bottles, hunting personal gear and supplies (see list here)


  • Dates the same as guided hunts
  • Deluxe Drop Camps $4000 per hunter (2-4 hunter camp, includes food and a cook)
  • BAsic Drop camp $2600pp

draw information

Colorado Elk tags second and third rifle season and rifle bear tags are all available over the counter.   All mule deer tags are available by draw only and most do not require any preference points at this time.  archery, muzzleloader, First and fourth season elk tags are also only available through the draw with no preference points required.  The colorado draw deadline for 2015 is April 1st. For assistance with putting in for preference points, please contact us.

Pack service

we are permitted to offer pack services both summer and fall over a large portion of the san jan national forest and weminuche wilderness area including both the needle and west needle mountains as well as the hermosa creek drainage.  we offer this service for hunters, fisherman, campers, climbers, and all other outdoor enthusiast seeking solitude.  our fees start at $350 per horse load one way with a 2 horse minimum.